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I’m glad you have managed to reach here, breaking through all the clutter and noise that surrounds the online world. This blog, how I am building my life is the perfect place for you to begin your journey towards good health, self exploration and happiness. A keen enthusiast of running, yoga, nature, business and entrepreneurship, I would like my blog to share my personal experiences, my own journey towards health and happiness.


How I am building my life will chronicle my voyage towards personal development and intends to help others around me who are equally enthusiastic about creating better days and better lives for themselves. I will write about things that fill up my life with positive energy, like running, yoga and all things that help me lead a better life. This blog is about finding our lives priorities and placing focus on things that matters the most.


So, let us get together and start this beautiful journey together!


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  • We are launching a platform for athletes, the main goal is to “Raise money for charity, selling every mile you race.”

    With that an Athletes Race Ambassador program is one of my ongoing goals for the next weeks. (Kind of a sponsor like feature)
    The idea is to recruit athletes like you and me, and encourage them to start using my platform for any upcoming races, Half-Marathon, Marathon,
    Start Funding, Create a Challenge, Promote Challenge, But most important is to give us all the feedback from their experience. So we can have a great platform. And at the end promote with their friends, clubs, etc

    At the end of the day I’m looking to compensate the athletes with different proposals.

    So hope we can talk.

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