After today you’ll stop being intimidated of running 3.1 miles and ready to conquer your first 5k with the training schedule that I’ll outline for you. I used to hate running and pretty much thought it was the devil. “Why would anyone want to suffer through 20 straight minutes of running?” I would think. From that… Read More

  Early morning hours are a wonderful time. It is the time when our bodies and mind usually tend to be clear of all the clutter, stress and anxiety. Mornings are meant to be quiet, a time when you can hear the birds chirping and see the golden light of the sun slowly lighten up your windows… Read More

Amidst about 423 inches of snow up here in Massachusetts, many-a-runner will be trying to get in enough weekly milage to reach their spring marathon goal. The unfortunate part about this, is those miles will, for us in the northeast, include a session or two on the treadmill that will clock in between 2 and… Read More