Today was a tempo run at race pace and after last week’s demoralizer I owed myself one…for sanity’s sake at the least. The past three weeks have called for tempo runs at 7 miles apiece, today it was upped to 8.

Coming off of the demoralizer, not exactly what I was looking forward to. Also, I was caught up in a few different  projects and missed my 3rd meal of the day, which put me in an odd situation. Eat and feel like shit (what I chalked up last week’s workout to) or don’t eat and battle through. I chose the latter and ended up having a solid workout as a result.

I thought of a number of things during the run today, but the one thing I kept coming back to was my legs were getting tired, which only increased as I picked up the pace. These are the gut checks that you really need to experience during training as marathon day will be anything but kind to your body.

You must take control of your mind and dictate what your body feels rather than vice versa.

I’ve become semi-obsessed with mental toughness in the last year, picking up any book or article I can find on the topic in any setting.  I believe a huge part of the success I experienced at Big Sur was derived from having the mental strength to run a marathon  as well as trusting my training.

Every run, I practice my mental training so when my body tells me No! during the race, I can come back and say “Eff You” knowing full well that mentally I’ll be able to overcome the pain, I will inevitably face. This is something I completely overlooked when I first started running, but has turned into an essential part of my preparation.

You may also notice I ran the last half at a faster pace than my marathon pace should be (7:00/mi), the reason I do this is again for my mental preparation. If I can push through the last mile or two at a faster pace than the beginning I know that I’ll need to draw on these tough miles during the race.

Also, if my goal is 3:05 I want to know that I have a little extra in the tank for the last 10k and don’t have to run an absolute monster of a race to achieve my goal.

I’d be willing to bet that’s counter intuitive to what most coaches would tell you, but despite being sore and knowing that Sunday’s long run will be even tougher that it normally would be, it helps my mental preparation and that’s the biggest thing I need at this point to cut my PR by 30 minutes.

Date & Time: 8/7 4:15p

Sleep: 12a-6a – 6 hrs

Workout (Tempo): 1mi WU 8 mi @ Tempo (race pace) 1 mi CD

Pace: 7:08


1mi WU: 8:20

1st 4 mi: 6:59 2

nd 3 mi: 6:49

Last mi: 6:31 1 mi

CD: 8:03

Post Run – Weights – Legs:

Squats – 10 WU @ 155

1st Set – 8 @ 205

2nd Set – 8 @ 215

3rd Set – 8 @ 215

Romainian Deadlifts (RDL) 1 Set – 7 @ 135


I am looking to up the ante a bit for the next month on the weights front, fewer reps more weight. This was the first time adding RDLs to the fray, I’ve been doing more stability/body weight stuff in the past, that I’ll get back to in the last month.

Normally I’d go 3 sets of RDLs, but I literally couldn’t bend over and pick the weight up my hamstrings were so tight. At the end of the day it won’t kill me and considering today I extended an extra mile and went a little harder than I have in past tempo runs, I’m not going to sweat it.

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