Last week was a battle between having a semi running injury that required me to punish the foam roller every other hour for a few minutes until my calf tightness finally disappeared, to having a mental off week, which I’m not 100% sure of the root cause.

The lack of mental toughness this week could be attributed to a couple of things:1) Getting back from vacation, although I did run every day out there and had some a solid benefits coming out of it, 2) My calf pain, which made me push training out a day and actually forced me to miss a few miles as I wasn’t able to make up all of the skipped miles from Monday’s 8 miler that I took off.

Whatever it was, it was my worst week of training in awhile and I’m looking to avenge that week as we kick off the “Under 2 Month” warning.

Overall last week the runs weren’t terrible.

Skipping Monday and Tuesday  forced my hand for a workout on Wednesday of 6 1 mile repeats. This was at a slower pace than most of my repeats, which I clumsily forgot until after I had completed my first repeat. Needless to say the last couple of repeats, although they shouldn’t have been super hard, were super hard because of the mistake on my end.

Mental concentration evaded me that day.

Thursday seemed like I ran for 7 hours, again due to a lack of mental concentration. It was outside, I added some hills to the mix, but at this point in the training the easy runs are almost more difficult than the workout runs because of the slower pace, at least mentally.

Friday I could feel the effects of Wednesday’s workout. It wasn’t easy, but I battled pretty well through it. Again these tempo runs have proven to be the most difficult for me. A combination of things, but I may move these to the morning because for me, anything later turns into an meal timing issue and results in a less than spectacular performance. I don’t know if going with the 3 mile warm up to try and get closer to my weekly total mileage did any damage to my performance either.

Sunday I got off the treadmill and ran outside for 16. The 16 miles include one really tough hill and two gradual 3/4 of a mile up hills. I like to add these into my workout because for one I hate hills and believe that getting through them on a long run helps to increase mental toughness, two it will build my leg strength so that when I’m running a flat course it will prove to be easier, and three it will make the last few miles even tougher.

Well the last 3/4 of a mile up hill kicked my ass. This was with about a mile left in the run and I was dehydrated. Regardless, with the way this program is designed I’m not going to be overly concerned with the uphill “semi-bonk” because I was able to recover and close the last mile strong.

The goal pace was 7:45 and I was running 7:53 until my GPS died a mile out from finishing. The next long run should be another good test, I’ll likely do it outside, but on a flatter course so that it can be like a dress rehearsal for the Chicago Marathon. That will be the best test of my fitness to date.

With a bit of a mental checkout last week, I’ll be back in full force and refocus myself on my running and blog contributions.


Wednesday Workout

3 mi Warm Up

6 x 1 mile with 400m in between

2 Mi Cool Down


9 easy miles


2 mile warm up

8 miles at tempo pace

1 mile cool down


8 miles easy


16 mile long run 7:45 pace, actual 7:53 pace


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