August 8-11th Today I want to talk about overcoming mental barriers. I feel like I’ve faced these throughout my running life. Early on during my Chicago marathon training I struggled with overcoming a self-imposed 8:00/mi mental barrier. I could easily run faster than that on tempo and repeat workouts, but overcoming that pace for a prolonged period of time was a huge mental… Read More

A short night of sleep and 34 miles over the last 4 days made me know I had to mentally be ready for today’s workout. I normally have 2 tough workouts a week and then an intense long run every other week. Everything else is easy running. On workout days I know I need to be… Read More

It was raining pretty good out and when it wasn’t raining it was super humid out there. I stuck to the treadmill although I wanted to get outside. I felt pretty good overall today and refreshed. Last Thursday I had my worst workout to date running 7 miles at race pace. I know I’ll have those… Read More

“By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin   Today I have a definite answer to the sign in my office that simply reads: “What did you fail at today?”… Read More

Have you ever felt like you had an end goal in mind, but didn’t know how to get there? Imagine getting into your car to drive to your friend’s new house on a dead end, located 4 turns off of the main street in an area you were unfamiliar with, armed with only an address and no GPS.… Read More

I will be walking through everything that I do in order to build the life that I want to live. Today my biggest issue is taking action. I have a ton of ideas and ways to execute on them, but putting a process into place and executing on that process has been an issue for… Read More