You’re getting ready for your first ultra marathon and looking for some tips to make sure you’re fully prepared to tackle what’s ahead. Today we’re going to move you from having an uncertain mindset to the point where you’re ready to tackle the challenge. You may be running 30 miles, 50 miles, or 200 miles, but at… Read More

As running becomes more popular with the average American, inevitably the marathon becomes a goal for a number of those runners. From local marathons to International marathons endless options abound as you make the choice for your first, next, or (hopefully not) last marathon. I’ve put together a list of the Top 10 Marathons in the US.… Read More

After today you’ll stop being intimidated of running 3.1 miles and ready to conquer your first 5k with the training schedule that I’ll outline for you. I used to hate running and pretty much thought it was the devil. “Why would anyone want to suffer through 20 straight minutes of running?” I would think. From that… Read More

How Often Should I run?

A number of runners who are just starting out have asked me, “How often should you run each week?” What a great question, with an endless number of answers. In order to accurately determine how often you should run, you must address the following four questions first.… Read More

Amidst about 423 inches of snow up here in Massachusetts, many-a-runner will be trying to get in enough weekly milage to reach their spring marathon goal. The unfortunate part about this, is those miles will, for us in the northeast, include a session or two on the treadmill that will clock in between 2 and… Read More

Gaining confidence as you approach race day is essential. Today I had 10 miles that included 2 3 mile repeats ahead of race pace with a mile recovery in between. I ran these at 6:40/mi. These types of workouts are essential in order to run faster and achieve the goals that you set out when you began… Read More

You’ve gotta get lucky to PR. That’s what I learned after closing out another week of training. You can train your ass off, but if the stars don’t align on race day, you’ll run the race you intended to just at a slower pace than you needed to PR. What the hell happened!?… Read More

Life happens. Last week my girlfriend’s mother was diagnosed with a malignant tumor on her brain. In a whirlwind of a long weekend we drove about 25 hours and spent some time at the hospital ahead of the surgery to remove the tumor.… Read More

Well I had a great couple of workouts in the Adirondack Mountains. I had 8 miles at race pace, about 5 of which was uphill. Overall I ran 30 seconds per mile slower, but I couldn’t complain about that at all based on the hills. I grabbed a bit of time back on the downhills running… Read More

August 8-11th Today I want to talk about overcoming mental barriers. I feel like I’ve faced these throughout my running life. Early on during my Chicago marathon training I struggled with overcoming a self-imposed 8:00/mi mental barrier. I could easily run faster than that on tempo and repeat workouts, but overcoming that pace for a prolonged period of time was a huge mental… Read More