A short night of sleep and 34 miles over the last 4 days made me know I had to mentally be ready for today’s workout. I normally have 2 tough workouts a week and then an intense long run every other week. Everything else is easy running.

On workout days I know I need to be at the top of my game both physically and mentally. Not getting a ton of sleep made my need to mentally laser focus on today’s workout even more important.

To be honest I may have been too tuned in today. I had a great workout and felt completely fresh, especially coming off of last Thursday’s demoralizer. Again, I know I’m going to have a few demoralizers throughout the training program based on numerous factors, some of which are out of my control, but those are the days that the battle ensues between mind and body.

The reason I do these workouts on the treadmill is because I’m not good enough to know what 5:50 feels like compared to 6:00 compared to 5:30 so doing these on the treadmill allows me to gain an understanding of the different paces that I need to run.

Normally I’ll do my easy runs outside and my workouts on the treadmill.

Performing my workouts on the treadmill also forces me to finish each repeat and push through the fatigue that is inevitable on the final few repeats, whereas without having a true feel for pace, I can mistakenly slow my pace towards the end of a repeat or even on the final repeat without even knowing or trying to. It’s a personal preference and one you need to adjust to.

I used to hate treadmills, but with a terrible winter here in the northeast I was forced into a lot of them, they’re not so bad. It’s also something I view as a mental challenge, as running in the same place for an hour doesn’t take your mind off of things like a run up to Hurricane Point. Hurricane Point/Bixby Bridge


Daily Recap

Date & Time: 8/5 @ 5pm

Pace: 7:22

Workout Breakdown: 1.5mi – 8:27

800s w recovery +/- 8:30

1 – 5:50 pace = 1:27

2&3 -5:42 pace = 1:25

4&5 – 5:36 pace = 1:24

6 – 5:30 pace = 1:22

2mi 8:20

Sleep: 11p-4:45a = 5:45 Hours

Location: Treadmill

Weekly Mileage: 16 of 56

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