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If we were to grant three wishes to anyone, I am so sure a healthy life would be one of the three things we would ask for. That is how important health is to all of us! All the other things in life, our job, bank balance, friends, the dream house look meaningless if we do not have good health on our side.

But, what we also need to understand is that a shift from our current lifestyle to a new one¬†takes time. That’s the reason why its called a journey – moving from one milestone to the other. The journey starts with making a few small changes at a time, giving up unhealthy habits in favor of healthy choices.¬†

To start with, I am sharing this great video with you on Top Tips for Starting A Healthy Lifestyle



Healthy Living: Where Should You Start?

Its not easy to keep up with a healthy lifestyle with our hectic schedules. There are too many things demanding our attention and sometimes, within all the chaos, living healthy really takes a backseat. But guess what, however much we may love the junk and unhealthy food, its really not worth dying for! Start your day right with a exercise routine that you enjoy and a breakfast that fuels you up for the entire day. This list of Top 10 Breakfast Foods should make planning this most important meal of the day a lot more easier for you. Also, these set of 24 awesome diagrams should help making healthy eating choices a lot more easier for you.


I leave you with this amazing quote from Paul Walker. Think over it…..

You know, all that really matters is that the people you love are happy and healthy. Everything else is just sprinkles on the sundae.

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