The Novo Nordisk New Jersey marathon is just 9 weeks away. Unfortunately, I have been pretty caught up with work and neglected the blog over the past couple of months. Time to get back on track!

What a winter it has been up here in the northeast. What a terrible winter that is. There have been 2 days I’ve had the opportunity to run outside because of either high snow banks (you don’t want to die going for your morning run), freezing cold weather (temps in the single digits/negatives coupled with wind chills in the -10 to -20 range), and unplowed trails (not a light 2-4 inches, more like 2-4 feet).

Needless to say training hasn’t been too great. On top of that, not a huge deal, but the treadmill in my house needs a new belt so I decided the investment in a $10/mo gym membership was the right play at this point.

All of the training is geared to the Novo Nordisk New Jersey Marathon on April 26th (in case you skipped the title or the opening paragraph). It’s another pretty flat race.New Jersey Marathon

The topics during this training cycle won’t be based on the detail of each run as was the case for Chicago. Instead the focus will be on diving deeper on the types of runs, techniques, nutrition, workouts that have taken helped improve my marathon time of 3:55 down to 3:11 and hopefully cutting below the 3:05 in New Jersey.

If there’s anything specific that you would like to see me address please leave it in the comments section or reach out to me directly at

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