Have you ever felt like you had an end goal in mind, but didn’t know how to get there? Imagine getting into your car to drive to your friend’s new house on a dead end, located 4 turns off of the main street in an area you were unfamiliar with, armed with only an address and no GPS. You would likely have a difficult time finding their home without calling and asking for them to guide you on those final turns.

This is the same thing countless people do in their athletic, entrepreneurial, and business lives.

The best coaches and athletes approach their craft with a plan to win the day.

The best entrepreneurs have a plan to achieve greatness in their businesses.

Why show up to work every day without a clear path to achieving your next promotion? When I entered Corporate America one of my mentors provided me with a spreadsheet that he put together with skills needed to achieve the next promotion. In addition there was a tab showing what that career path would look like over a 10 year period. That’s direction.

Too many people go through life without setting goals. Without goals, what do you expect to accomplish in life other than mediocrity?

You would never get into your car without a GPS, so why go through life without direction.

None of us know what our life will look like in 1 year, never mind 5, 10, or 50 years. It’s impossible, there isn’t a blue print that successful people follow. Warren Buffett made his money in a completely different way than Richard Branson, both took a different route than Jay-Z.

What did they have that made them all successful? An end goal. Buffett wanted to be a millionaire by 35. Branson wanted to stay in business. Jay-Z wanted to get out of the crack game.

They all pursued their goals relentlessly.

Buffett at the expense of his home life, Branson at the expense of nearly failing countless times due to extreme levels of debt, and Jay-Z burning bridges along the way.

They all had direction, and took action to relentlessly pursue their goals. That’s what separates the mere average from the greats. They didn’t definitively know they were going to achieve their goals, but they did everything in their power to position themselves for greatness.

So the question comes, will you live your life on a nomadic walk in hopes of catching lightening in a bottle or will you determine your end goal and focus all of your efforts on attaining that goal?

The choice is yours.


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